Highbrow Montessori follows a specially designed hybrid system of education influenced by Montessori and Preschool education systems. The playgroup follows the Montessori Method strictly, but the Lower kindergarten and Upper kindergarten children are trained on more academic work in order to prepare them for grade one. From grade one we follow local curriculum in English medium.

In addition to the above curriculum, Highbrow College also provides:

- Preparation of children for Written and Spoken Elocution exams of IWMS.
- IT Education commencing from Grade 2
- Teaching of all religions
- Western and Oriental arts


Highbrow College understands the importance of Sports and Outdoor activities. The school currently facilitates the following sports

- Cricket
- Netball
- Volleyball
In addition to this, Highbrow College now has Cub Scouting, Chess and Scrabble clubs.

Other events

Highbrow College focuses on creating awareness of important events in order to educate its students. We celebrate National and religious festivals such as Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Independence Day, Vesak / Poson, Christmas and Muslim Festivals. In addition to this, we also celebrate Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day and so on.

Highbrow College also organizes

- The Annual Concert
- Sports Meet
- Year-End Graduation
- Prize Giving
- English Day


We believe that the quality of the school environment and its facilities have a strong influence in students’ learning in addition to the regular furniture and fittings required to run the school,

Highbrow provides the material required to enhance a child’s coordinating abilities, spacious environment and friendly play areas. A fully equipped computer lab is in place that offers students a hands-on approach to IT.

Parents are taken out of the burden by having a school book shop which provides the specified books and materials at a lower cost. The list of books, uniforms and other material are available in the book shop.

School also provides a bus service at a minimum charge in limited roots. Details can be obtained from the school book shop.

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